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Eats: Frostee’s

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister After touring John Wayne’s birthplace and exploring Clark Tower, our stomachs were growling so we decided to celebrate the unseasonably warm November weather with an ice cream cone at Frostee’s. We managed to visit Winterset’s small ice cream stand just one day before it closed for the season—we almost never have that sort of luck. And spent a good half hour sitting outside on Frostee’s red plastic picnic tables, enjoying a brownie sundae and swirl with a chocolate dip.

I’m a big fan of Snookie’s Malt Shop in Des Moines and if you happen to be passing through town, Frostee’s is a very close second with a large selection of sweet treats and food for extremely affordable prices.

Frostee’s,101 E. Green Street in Winterset, IA All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

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