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Eats: Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market

While I loved exploring all of the different museums and cultural institutions that Los Angeles has to offer, I also fell hard for another aspect of the city’s culture: the food. On a tight schedule (and budget), I stayed away from some of the city’s bigger name eateries. But at least when it comes to downtown L.A., my culinary highlight was the Grand Central Market.

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6 Museums to Visit on Your Next Trip to Los Angeles

While it might not seem like everyone’s dream vacation, working at an art museum means that I’m a little bit of a nerd when it comes to exploring new cultural institutions while traveling. Last month when I was in Los Angeles for a conference, I made the most of my four days in California and free admission to many of the city’s museums (job perks!) by visiting a handful of collections I’d heard incredible things about…

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Road Trip 2013: Carson City to San Francisco

After a quick stop at Starbucks and a visit to the Nevada State Capitol, we were ready to start the last leg of our trip to California. We decided to dip down on Lincoln Highway 50 for a more scenic drive and to stop off at Lake Tahoe. The morning was gorgeous and the view of the lake with mountains looming on the horizon was absolutely breathtaking…