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10 Fun Things to Do in Audubon, Iowa

Graphic for blog post about things to do in Audubon, Iowa featuring images of Nathaniel Hamlin Park, Albert the Bull and a statue of John James Audubon

When was the last time you explored rural Iowa? There’s lots going on in the state’s smallest communities, from thriving Main Streets to innovative agriculture operations. For instance, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in Audubon, Iowa, home of Albert the World’s Largest Bull, thriving small businesses and so much more.

Whether you’re an avid birder (the community was named for the famed naturalist John James Audubon) or simply looking for an Iowa adventure, Audubon has something unique to discover. Everywhere you look, this western Iowa community is teeming with vibrant local history, unique small businesses and beautiful outdoor spaces.

So, the next time you’re in the area, check out these 10 fun things to do in Audubon, Iowa.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Evolution of the Heartland. However, all opinions are my own.

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Grab Coffee & Treats at The Bakery on Broadway

Exterior of The Bakery on Broadway in Audubon, Iowa
Cinnamon twist pastry from The Bakery on Broadway in Audubon, Iowa

Start your day off on a sweet note with a visit to The Bakery on Broadway. This Audubon spot is a popular with visitors and locals alike for its cozy vibe, ample seating and delicious menu items. Whether you’re in search of a freshly baked pastry or a hearty breakfast sandwich (or expertly grilled panini), you’ll find something delectable here. Grab a beverage and pull up a seat to soak in what’s happening in Audubon.

Display of gifts and merchandise at The Bakery on Broadway in Audubon, Iowa
Vintage Albert the Bull memorabilia at The Bakery on Broadway in Audubon, Iowa

The Bakery on Broadway also sells an adorable assortment of gifts, used books and beautifully-potted houseplants. Plus, if you’re looking for an Albert the Bull souvenir, the Bakery on Broadway has an excellent selection.

The Bakery on Broadway, 312 Broadway Street in Audubon, Iowa
Patio at The Bakery on Broadway in Audubon, Iowa
Vintage espresso machine on the patio of The Bakery on Broadway in Audubon, Iowa

Say Hi to Albert the Bull

Albert the World's Largest Bull in Audubon, Iowa

No visit to Audubon is complete without a stop at the small town’s biggest attraction: Albert the World’s Largest Bull. Towering 30 feet over the sprawling Iowa countryside, this huge Hereford is a symbol not only of the area’s cattle raising past but also of its hopes for future generations.

Albert the Bull, 1108 E. Division Street in Audubon, Iowa

Appreciate Audubon’s Public Art

Woman standing in front of butterfly wing mural in Audubon, Iowa

While you wander around Audubon, be sure to keep an eye out for colorful pieces of public art. Pose with the whimsical butterfly mural outside of Lori’s Flowers (at the intersection of Tracy and Broadway Streets). Or head down Broadway Street to marvel at the intricate stained glass clock that features a 21-foot-tall depiction of the town’s namesake.

Stained glass window featuring John James Audubon in Audubon, Iowa

Shop Along Broadway

Interior of boutique called Present Company in Audubon, Iowa

As you wander along Broadway, you’ll notice a number of local eateries and small businesses including Present Company. This beautiful boutique stocks everything from clothing and accessories to home decor, and is the perfect place to pick up a thoughtful gift. Present Company is also just plain fun to shop. With so much to see, you never know what you’ll discover!

Present Company, 317 Broadway Street in Audubon, Iowa

Learn About Birding

Bird walk mosaic tiles in park in Audubon, Iowa
Statue of John James Audubon in park in Audubon, Iowa

Its name isn’t the only inspiration that this western Iowa town took from ornithologist John James Audubon. As you walk around town, you’ll notice beautiful bird mosaics embedded into the sidewalks. Throughout the community there are more than 200 of these miniature pieces of art, each depicting a different type of bird.

In the city center, John James Audubon Plaza features a lovely park and pavilion complete with a statue of the famed naturalist himself.

John James Audubon Plaza and Birdwalk in Audubon, Iowa
City park in Audubon, Iowa

Feed the Elk at Nathaniel Hamlin Park

Boardwalk and gazebo over herd of elk at Nathaniel Hamlin Park in Audubon, Iowa

When you’re looking for things to do in Audubon, Iowa, make sure you don’t miss Nathaniel Hamlin Park & Museum. This historic complex includes a variety of buildings and displays both indoors and out to help you learn a bit more about Audubon County’s history.

Start your visit by heading to the boardwalk and gazebo overlooking the park’s herd of elk. If you’re visiting with kids, this will definitely be a popular part of your time at Nathaniel Hamlin Park. Keep an eye out for elk babies hiding in the taller grasses.

Pro Tip: Be sure to bring a quarter or two so you can buy some pellets to feed the elk. Drop the feed down the tubes attached to the gazebo platform and watch the elk come running!

Herd of elk at Nathaniel Hamlin Park in Audubon, Iowa

Next, wander the historic outbuildings to learn more about early agricultural life throughout the area. You’ll discover lots of unique artifacts and interesting tidbits about Audubon here as well as up the hill in the two-story brick farmhouse.

Beyond the buildings, the 10-acre park also has a number of popular walking trails, picnic areas and more.

Nathaniel Hamlin Park & Museums, Highway 71 in Audubon, Iowa
Historic farmhouse at Nathaniel Hamlin Park in Audubon, Iowa

Roll into the Community Center

Bowling alley called The Bull Pin at Audubon Community Center in Audubon, Iowa

In Audubon, the community recreation center is more than just a place for locals to get moving. This newly built local amenity is also home to The Bull Pin Restaurant and Bowling. With eight bowling lanes and an arcade, this is a popular spot for both families and adults looking for an evening out. The Bull Pin also serves a variety of snacks and menu items so you can refuel while you play.

Audubon Recreation Center, 703 Southside Avenue in Audubon, Iowa

Catch a Movie at the Rose Theater

Exterior of the Rose Theater in Audubon, Iowa

When we travel, I love to seek out small town movie theaters. And the one in Audubon is a real gem. The Rose Theater shows a variety of new releases and classics on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for only $4 per ticket. Enjoy an evening at the movies in this cozy, community theater.

Rose Theater, 318 Broadway Street in Audubon, Iowa

Hop on Your Bike

Grab your bike and hop on the T-Bone Trail to get a different perspective on this community. This 21-mile asphalt trail reclaims an abandoned rail bed that was once used by the Rock Island Railroad to transport the area’s cattle to the stockyards in Chicago.

The T-Bone Trail begins in Albert City Park and ends south of Interstate 80 west of Atlantic, Iowa.

Make a Detour to the Tree in the Middle of the Road

Tree in the Middle of the Road near Brayton, Iowa

You might encounter a fork in the road (or two) while on a road trip. But what about a tree? One mile west of Audubon you’ll find the famous Tree in the Middle of the Road.

Tree in the Middle of the Road, 2401-2449 350th Street in Brayton, Iowa

Where to Stay in Audubon, Iowa

Taylor Hill Lodge

Interior living space of Taylor Hill Lodge in Audubon, Iowa

If you’re looking for a unique spot to stay in Audubon, look no further than Taylor Hill Lodge. Built in the 1890s by Charles Taylor, the barn served three generations of farmers before it was converted into living space and opened to visitors in the early 2000s.

Located three miles north of Audubon in the region’s rolling hills, this historic barn has been transformed into a cozy retreat to host guests from near and far. From groups of seasonal pheasant hunters to team retreats and family reunions, this six-bedroom, four-bathroom lodge can accommodate many types of gatherings. Visitors can opt to book individual rooms within the lodge or rent out the entire property for their stay.

Taylor Hill Lodge, 1614 U. S. Hwy 71 in Audubon, Iowa
Bedroom at Taylor Hill Lodge in Audubon, Iowa

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Frequently Asked Questions About Audubon, Iowa

What is in Audubon, Iowa?

Audubon is a rural community with a rich agricultural history. There’s still plenty of things to do in Audubon, Iowa — a town of 2,000 people — though, including Albert the World’s Largest Bull, Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum, the Tree in the Middle of the Road and more.

How did Audubon, Iowa get its name?

The western Iowa community of Audubon, Iowa is named for the famous ornithologist and artist John James Audubon.

What county is Audubon, Iowa in?

Audubon, Iowa is located in Audubon County.

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When was the last time you explored rural Iowa? You’ll find no shortage of things to do in Audubon, Iowa, home of Albert the World’s Largest Bull, thriving small businesses and so much more.
When was the last time you explored rural Iowa? You’ll find no shortage of things to do in Audubon, Iowa, home of Albert the World’s Largest Bull, thriving small businesses and so much more.

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