2015 Gift Guide: For your glamorous and worldly best friend


2015 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

For your  best friend who has the best collection of shoes ever (and always lets you borrow them), and who will live text even the worst reality TV shows with you without hesitation.

Library Cards

A collection of retro yellow library cards to help organize her ever-growing library of literary favorites.

Yellow Library Cards, $8.95

Ellen plates

Because she loves sending you hilarious clips from Ellen. So why shouldn’t her appetizer plates have the same sense of humor?

ED Joke Appetizer Plate Set, $50


Spruce up her desk with this quirky succulent planter sure to make her smile even after the most stressful conference call.

Triceratops Planter, $22

Leah Goren

A print by one of your favorite new artists to remind her there never needs to be a reason for an underwear dance party.

Underwear Dancing Print by Leah Goren, $34

Gold S'well

So she can look glamorous and stay hydrated no matter where her day takes her.

Yellow Gold S’well Bottle, $42

No Likes Pin

Because having a job in digital media means sometimes you have to tease each other about your biggest social media “fears.”

No Likes Pin by These Are Things, $10


Give her the (trendy) gift of relaxation with this wonderfully detailed coloring book perfect for her rambunctious inner child.

Fantastic Cities Coloring Book, $10.92

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