One Fine Day


One Fine Day in Rockford, Illinois

It’s not difficult to plan the perfect day in Rockford, Illinois. This northern Illinois community is bursting with cultural attractions, breathtaking outdoor areas, and culinary delights. This one-day itinerary shares some of my favorite places…

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One Fine (Wintry) Day in Minneapolis

A few weekends ago I took a road trip north to Minneapolis. Now, you might ask yourself why someone willingly agrees to travel to an arguably colder part of the country during an already chilly winter, but I think there’s something to be said for embracing the elements. In the same spirit, I decided to put together the perfect wintry day if you find yourself with 24 hours to fill in Minnesota’s Twin Cities…

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One Fine (October) Day near Ames, Iowa

So far this autumn we’ve been lucky enough to have some amazingly mild weather. And so you can take advantage of the changing leaves and warmer temperatures, too, I decided to share a recent day trip I took to Ames and its surrounding area to enjoy some of my fall favorites…