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Discover the Unique History of Omaha with Nebraska Tour Company

Disclosure: I received a free ticket to the Nebraska Tour Company‘s Omaha Gems City Tour in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are my own.

Uncover some of the hidden gems of Omaha with Nebraska Tour Company!

When it comes to getting to know a new city, wandering its streets is one of my favorite ways to get acquainted. But it always helps to have a knowledgeable tour guide. Recently I spent the day in Omaha with the Nebraska Tour Company to learn more about the city’s hidden gems.

The company offers a variety of tours from walking tours to themed brewery or winery tours, but on this particular trip we decided to delve deep into the city’s history. The Omaha Gems City Tour offers a comprehensive look at some of the city’s highlights and begins at the Omaha Visitors Center.

Discovering Omaha’s Unique History

Just across the street, we darted into the historic Burlington Headquarters Building with our talented tour guide Bill. The beautifully restored building built in 1879 and was once the headquarters of Omaha’s railroad tycoons. Today the building is used as office space, but its glass atrium and colorful Dale Chihuly piece make it an unassuming gem. From there, we took a stroll through Omaha’s Old Market district. Once our tour guide mentioned the lingering building advertisements—known as “ghost signage”—I started spotting it everywhere.

While many tour groups focus on small pockets of the city, Nebraska Tour Company’s Omaha Gems Tour takes visitors all over the community. After exploring the Old Market we headed to North Omaha for a glimpse at the city’s 1960s jazz scene and a stop at the offices of the state’s only black newspaper (established in 1938).

Continuing on we headed into Prospect Hill and Bemis Park, two of Omaha’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. From the windows of our van we gazed at beautiful historic mansions and unexpected pieces of the city’s history. One of my favorite stops was an unassuming marker commemorating the Omaha departure point of the Oregon Trail.

We also headed south to the part of Omaha most commonly known for its stockyards. However, today the neighborhoods bustle with street festivals, colorful public art, and delicious Eastern European bakeries.

Booking Your Experience with the Nebraska Tour Company

Uncover some of the hidden gems of Omaha with Nebraska Tour Company!

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore Omaha’s history and culture, there’s no better host than Nebraska Tour Company. The tour guides are engaging and knowledgeable about the area. The group size is large enough to feel comfortable but not too large that it’s difficult to hear the guide.

Be aware: this is a long tour. At approximately two and a half hours, you’ll see a ton, but you’re also committing a lot of your day. While our Nebraska Tour Company hosts graciously provided bottles of water, I’d also recommend bringing a snack or two with you, especially if you’re like me and get “hangry” when you’re on the move.

To browse available tour dates and book an experience of your own, visit the company’s website.

Cost: $69.99 per person

Thank you to the Nebraska Tour Company for offering a unique glimpse at the history of the city!

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Uncover some of the hidden gems of Omaha with Nebraska Tour Company!

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