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Road Trip 2013: Des Moines to Cheyenne

All Rights Reserved Megan Bannister

After more than 52 hours in the car, seven days of togetherness and more pounds of gummy bears than I would like to admit, I’m back in Des Moines. Our road trip to San Francisco was a phenomenal success and I can’t wait to share all of our adventures.

Our first stop was in Omaha to photograph Stored Potential for an upcoming article in Think magazine. This 80-foot art installation on an out-of-use grain elevator is seriously cool, especially if you take the time to get up close and personal.

Next we stopped in Boys Town, NE to see the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps. It’s shaping up to be a crazy spring break – I know – but I have a secret love of “world’s largest” things and thankfully my friends indulged me. The ball weighs in at 600 pounds and was constructed over the course of three years starting from the core of a golfball.

To continue our nerdy trip, we made a stop in Lincoln to visit the Nebraska State Capitol. After the most terrifying elevator ride ever to the 14th floor, we walked around the capitol’s outdoor observatory and enjoyed not being in the car for an hour or so.

Always a lover of roadside attractions we stopped in North Platte, NE for dinner and couldn’t resist a trip to Fort Cody – a combination general store and museum just off of I-80. Slightly creepy? Absolutely. But worth a stop? Definitely.

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