12 Terrific Places to Eat in Wichita, Kansas

DisclosureVisit Wichita hosted my trip to Wichita, Kansas, and paid for my meals at some of the places listed below. However, all opinions are my own.

There are so many terrific places to eat in Wichita, Kansas! From decadent dessert shops to cozy coffeeshops and everything in between, there's something for everyone in this Kansas city. #Wichita #Kansas #Foodie

Some cities are known as foodie cities. But you might not expect to find small batch coffee roasters, craft breweries, and world-class restaurants in the middle of Kansas. Then again, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably realized that I love a good hidden gem. So it should come as no surprise to hear that there are tons of incredible place to eat in Wichita, Kansas.

Over the course of my travels, I’ve visited some truly delicious places. But Wichita has an entirely different culinary vibe. From an urban chop shop to a bakery offering late night desserts and hand pies, everywhere I went people were immensely friendly and proud to share the stories of their community. In my experience, that’s Wichita—passionate, hardworking, and creative.

In my experience, those traits absolutely translate to the city’s culinary scene, leaving a bevy of options for every type of traveler to enjoy. The next time you’re in town, grab a bite at one (or more) of these 12 terrific places to eat in Wichita, Kansas.

Plus, I’ve created a free digital download so you can keep track of all of your favorite places to eat in Wichita!

Places to Eat in Wichita, Kansas

The Anchor

Burger and fries at The Anchor in Wichita, Kansas

Located in the heart of the Douglas Design District, The Anchor is a combination pub and butcher shop that’s become a community staple. When I popped in for a quick weekday lunch the pub was bustling. With an expansive menu ranging from sandwiches and salads to burgers and meat-heavy hearty entrees, The Anchor has something for everyone. I’m always a sucker for pickled onions so opted for the Turkey Pretzel Pub burger. Not only was the burger juicy and delicious but it was also a hefty portion I didn’t even come close to conquering.

Alongside the restaurant, you’ll find The Anchor Meat Market, a butcher shop that not only provides cuts for the restaurant but does local business as well. Stop by and grab beef, pork, poultry, or even rabbit to prepare at home.

The Anchor, 1109 E Douglas Avenue in Wichita, Kansas

Neon sign of an anchor and mermaid at The Anchor in Wichita, Kasnas

The Donut Whole

Rooster statue on top of a building at The Donut Whole in Wichita, Kansas

Chocolate frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles in front of rooster mural at The Donut Whole in Wichita, Kansas

Show me a new town, and I’ll find the best donuts. In Wichita, that meant a trip to The Donut Whole. Located in the Douglas Design District, the Donut Whole is easy to spot by its large rooftop rooster. The local donut shop is as colorful on the inside as the donuts it serves. With walls papered with vintage advertisements and funny greetings, the Donut Whole feels like a piece of home—even if it’s your first visit.

In preparation for a morning of mural hunting, I stopped into the Donut Whole for a sweet snack. After a lot of consideration, I chose a Midnight Rainbow donut—chocolate frosted with rainbow sprinkles. As you leave through the front doors, remember to look up at the sidewalk awning. Public art—even donut themed—is everywhere in in Wichita, if only you know where to look.

The Donut Whole, 1720 E Douglas Avenue in Wichita, Kansas

Handwritten sign of types of donuts at The Donut Whole in Wichita, Kansas

Paper bag from The Donut Whole in front of mural in Wichita, Kansas

ICT Pop-Up Urban Park

Decorated Keeper of the Plains statue at the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park in downtown Wichita, Kansas

Visiting Wichita’s ICT Pop-Up Urban Park is like discovering a hidden gem tucked between downtown’s buildings. Located in the heart of Wichita, the urban park transforms an otherwise ordinary lot into a space to gather and enjoy good food. During the work week, food trucks and sidewalk carts roll up to serve passersby breakfast and lunch. The space is a fantastic space for community gathering, and also holds events on the weekends.

ICT Pop-Up Urban Park, 121 E Douglas Avenue in Wichita, Kansas

Food trucks and colorful patio seating at the ICT Pop-Up Park in downtown Wichita, Kansas

Little Lion Ice Cream

Speckled ceramic bowl of blackberry ice cream on a gold table at Little Lion Ice Cream in Wichita, Kansas

If it were up to me, ice cream would be its own food group. And if I had to pick a place to exclusively eat it, it would be Little Lion Ice Cream. Housed in a tiny stone cottage, Little Lion is quite possibly the coziest ice cream shop you may ever find. With mod seating areas and a quiet loft that would be perfect for an afternoon of working, this little shop will have you wanting to take up residence. Add in the fact that their coolers are full of inventive flavors like lime coconut avocado or sultry caramel, and you may never want to leave.

After much deliberation, I chose a scoop of Mr. Elderslie, a cream cheese based ice cream made with blackberries from a local farm. If reading “cream cheese based ice cream” made you feel skeptical, let me dispel your concerns. This sweet treat was a true delight that left me wishing I could take a pint (or three) back to Iowa with me.

The shop is located just northeast of downtown, and is next door to Revolutsia, a shipping container park with beergarden, restaurants, and other fun local spots.

Little Lion Ice Cream, 2721 E. Central Avenue in Wichita, Kansas

Interior of Little Lion Ice Cream in Wichita, Kansas with stone fireplace and gold circular tables


Chocolate handpie with chocolate frosting in front of Milkfloat in Wichita, Kansas

Milkfloat has a mission I can get behind—celebrate dessert. Located in Wichita’s Delano District, Milkfloat is a bakery and ice cream shop that offers all sorts of decadent desserts. The best part? They’re open late! I find that I’m most likely to crave a pastry of some sort after 8:30 pm. So I was delighted to have Milkfloat nearby to satisfy my cravings.

One night before I headed to the firepot lighting at the Keeper of the Plains, I popped into Milkfloat for a sweet treat. For the first time (maybe ever) I decided to forego ice cream in favor of a triple chocolate, homemade PopTart. And I was blown away! The outside of the pastry was perfectly flakey while the inside filling remained gooey and sweet. Don’t miss out on this incredible shop when you find yourself in Wichita!

Milkfloat, 535 W Douglas Avenue #140 in Wichita, Kansas

White sign with Milkfloat logo in Wichita, Kansas

Sign made of lights reading Celebrate Dessert in the dining room of Milkfloat in Wichita, Kansas

Nifty Nut House

Mural of squirrels outside the Nifty Nut House in Wichita, Kansas

While it’s not technically a restaurant, no foodie post about Wichita would be complete without mention of the Nifty Nut House. This local snack emporium is a candy lover’s dream. With hundreds of nuts, pretzels, seeds, chocolates, and candies available for purchase by the pound, I dare you to walk out without finding something you just had to try.

Need a recommendation? The Milk Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts and the Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears were both fast favorites of mine. I also recommend rounding your snacks out with something salty like one of the Nifty Nut House’s many varieties of pretzels or sesame sticks.

Nifty Nut House, 537 N. St. Francis in Wichita, Kansas

Mural on the exterior of the Nifty Nut House in Wichita, Kansas

Nortons Brewing Company

Black exterior of building with long wooden picnic table and strand lighting at Nortons Brewing Company in Wichita, Kansas

Direct me to a brewery with a fantastic food menu and there’s not much else I need. In Wichita, that’s Nortons Brewing Company. On my first night in Wichita I grabbed dinner at the taproom bar and loved experiencing a little slice of the city.

Flight of beers in a battle axe shaped folder at Nortons Brewing Company in Wichita, KansasLocated in the Oldtown neighborhood of Wichita, Norton’s Brewing Company includes a large taproom and enclosed patio with porch swings, yard games, and more. Seated in the busy taproom at the bar, I tried to order the charcuterie board only to discover they were out for the evening. That ended up being the best disappointment ever. Because of it, I got to experience the best spinach artichoke dip I’ve ever had. I paired my newfound favorite dish with a flight of Nortons Brewing Company’s craft beers. While I’m usually more of a dark beer girl, Nortons’ Cool Water Sammich—a watermelon mint gose—was my surprise favorite. This minty beer was the perfect summer sipper and left me wanting more immediately.

Nortons Brewing Company, 125 N. St Francis in Wichita, Kansas

Spinach artichoke dip with bread and veggies at Norton Brewing Company in Wichita, Kansas

Old Mill Tasty Shop

Coffee chocolate malt in a tall shake glass at the Old Mill Tasty Shop in Wichita, Kansas

As far as classic soda fountains go, you can’t get more authentic than the Old Mill Tasty Shop. During my second day in Wichita, we popped into the Old Mill Tasty Shop just before closing for an afternoon milkshake. Growing up, there was a soda fountain up the street that we sometimes visited on special occasions. This Wichita institution took me right back to those days.

Seated at the counter, I ordered a coffee malt that was so big it arrived in a glass and an almost-full milkshake mixer. Topped with whip cream and a cherry (how else!?) I sipped on my malt while taking in the history around me.

Old Mill Tasty Shop, 604 E. Douglas Avenue in Wichita, Kansas


Cuban sandwich and Parmesan fries at Public at the Brickyard in Wichita, Kansas

Board game menu at Public at the Brickyard in Wichita, Kansas

If patios are your passion, your time in Wichita must include a meal at Public at the Brickyard. Tucked behind a brick walled courtyard that reminded me of a piece of New Orleans plopped down in Wichita’s Oldtown neighborhood. Public is the perfect blend of pub atmosphere with all the cozy qualities of a friend’s backyard patio.

We started our meal with an order of the Public Pickles. While I had never heard of this as an appetizer, I was more than on board. Alongside a jar of sweet pickles, we received slices of bread, meat, and cheese to stack and enjoy. Public has a variety of tempting dinner entrees alongside their rotating specials, but ultimately I was won over by The Cuban. Perfectly pressed with just the right amount of mustard, this sandwich ranks high on my list of best Cubans ever.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Public any more our check arrived, nestled in the pages of a worn hardcover book. I loved reading the notes past patrons had left in the book’s worn pages while we got ready to continue our evening elsewhere.

Public at the Brickyard, 129 North Rock Island Road in Wichita, Kansas

Bread and pickles at Public at the Brickyard in Wichita, Kansas

Old book full of messages and signatures with check at Public at the Brickyard in Wichita, Kansas

Reverie Coffee Roasters

Latte on the counter at Reverie Coffee Roasters in Wichita, Kansas

Finding a great coffee shop is high on my to do list when exploring a new city. Luckily, I liked Reverie Coffee Roasters so much that I visited two days in a row. Located in the Douglas Design District, Reverie Coffee Roasters is a bakery and coffeeshop that will immediately make you feel at home. Both times I visited the shop was bustling with customers enjoying their breakfast and people having meetings over coffee.

On my second morning in Wichita I pulled up a seat at the bar to answer some emails and sip on one of the coffee shop’s signature lattes. But it wasn’t long before I couldn’t resist the pull of their gooey monkey bread any more. I was just lucky I had a couple more days on the road and couldn’t take home the half dozen loaves of bread I initially had my eye on.

Reverie Coffee Roasters, 2202 E. Douglas Avenue in Wichita, Kansas

R Coffee House

Veggie omelette with coffee on the patio of RCoffeehouse in Wichita, Kansas

Tucked in a quiet residential neighborhood near Wichita’s many museums, R Coffee House is a hidden gem in every sense of the words. With copious patio seating under the branches of towering trees, this is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet morning. I grabbed a veggie omelette and large mug of coffee on my last morning in Wichita, and was delighted to find such a tranquil place to relax before hitting the road.

If you’re looking for even more ways to enhance your morning, R Coffee House is located next door to Songbird Juice Co.

R Coffee House, 1144 Bitting Street in Wichita, Kansas

Brushed metal sign of RCoffeehouse in Wichita, Kansas

The Spice Merchant

White brick exterior with clay roof of The Spice Hut in Wichita, Kansas

Much like the Nifty Nut House, The Spice Merchant isn’t a restaurant as much as its a culinary adventure. Even if you’re not looking for food, The Spice Merchant is worth a stop just for the smells. Today this former warehouse space is full of loose spices, tea leaves, and coffee beans. Roam the aisles and you’ll discover all sorts of culinary gadgets and kitchen accessories you never knew you needed. Or grab spices in bulk or beans by the pound to bring home with you. During a trip to The Spice Merchant, one thing is certain—you never know what you’ll discover.

The Spice Merchant, 1300 E. Douglas Avenue in Wichita, Kansas

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There are so many terrific places to eat in Wichita, Kansas! From decadent dessert shops to cozy coffeeshops and everything in between, there's a restaurant for everyone in this Kansas city. #Wichita #Kansas #Foodie

There are so many terrific places to eat in Wichita, Kansas! From decadent dessert shops to cozy coffeeshops and everything in between, there's a restaurant for everyone in this Kansas city. #Wichita #Kansas #Foodie

Looking for more things to do near Wichita? Check out the other places I visited on my Kansas road trip.

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Comments (44)

When I travel “home” to Wichita I am always drawn to the notaligia of the Dog and Shake and Nu-Way. I love the Nifty Nut House and Spice Merchant bit you’ve given me a few ideas for new traditions!

I’m so glad to hear it! I’ll have to try the two of those the next time I visit. Thanks for reading, Priscilla!

Do Dahs
Has the best banana bread French toast. I have never eaten anything that was not wonderful. Also check out the Do Dah store right next door.

Banana bread French toast sounds like a dream! I’m definitely adding the Doo-Dah Diner to my list the next time I’m in Wichita. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Linda!

Wichita is one of my favorite cities in the whole country so I was thrilled to see this post. 😉 I’ve eaten at many of them and loved finding some new places to add to my list. The Anchor was probably my favorite meal, though Reverie Coffee has a killer breakfast. 😉 You missed the best restaurant of them all though so be sure to add Doo-Dah Diner to your list for next time. And take me with you! LOL

Well, it sounds like we need to go back and have breakfast together at the Doo-Dah Diner! I was so delighted by Wichita. I can’t wait to visit again soon!

While in Wichita were you able to sample from the different food trucks? Gaga’s Grub has “The Ugliest Taco Truck that is driven to different locations. The owner also has bookings open in February for a several course meal for 10-12 couples. It is not your usual taco. There is a facebook page you can check out.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try out many of the city’s food trucks when I visited, but they’re typically some of my favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat when traveling. I’ll definitely follow their Facebook page and keep an eye out for The Ugliest Taco Truck the next time I’m in town. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

Thanks for reminding me about all these swell places.

You’re so welcome! Thanks for reading, Susan!

Doo-Dah Dinner is a must stop. Harrison Ford likes to there when he is in town. It is a popular local spot for breakfast.

How cool! I’ve gotten so many recommendations for the Doo-Dah Diner. I can’t wait to visit the next time I’m in town. Thanks for the recommendation, Thelma!

I would agree that all of these locations are fabulous places to eat and to get additional items for home use. However I don’t remember them serving food at some of these locations. Am I wrong?

Good point! While the Spice Merchant and Nifty Nut House aren’t necessarily restaurants, I thought they were awesome places to grab a snack or edible souvenir for the road. Thanks so much for reading!

Next one you are in town be sure to tryTanya’s Soup Kitchen, Doodah Diner forbreakfast, an Beautiful Day Cafe. Thank you for the kind remarks about our hidden gem! Namaste!

Thank you so much for reading and for your recommendations, Christy! I loved my time in Wichita and can’t wait to come back to try more restaurants soon.

So glad you enjoyed our fantastic city! You hit a lot of my favorite spots too – next time check out Flying Stove food truck for amazing burgers & anything, really; Mikes Wine Dive is a highly rated restaurant & wine bar with lots of fancy ratings in wine mags in an adorable neighborhood; Central Standard Brewery, which has a very cool 70s vibe with fantastic beertenders & always friendly crowd, it’s a go-to spot on a warm day; and Stearman’s for brunch to watch antique Stearman bi-planes flying on the weekends. And if you have time, pop over to Hutchinson to see the Cosmosphere Space Center & the Underground Salt Museum & stop in Yoder for a slice of Amish pie on your way back to Wichita. You’ll them all!

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for all of these fantastic recommendations. It sounds like I need to plan another trip to Wichita just to eat!

A couple of holes in the wall that are really good: The Oasis Lounge (Big “O” burger) and The Artichoke Sandwich Bar (the Nancy or a Twisted Seester). Yokohama Ramen Joint in the Delano district is really good and very unique. Bite Me BBQ is the best BBQ in Wichita. It’s always worth a trip to see the “Soup Nazi” at Bagatelle Bakery. Her Baklava is wonderful! Yes, Doo Dah Diner is good! Thank you for showing interest in the state of Kansas! Since you adore “World’s Largest”, try Big Brutus, West Mineral, KS (view a google satellite map of the area before you go to fully take in all the history of mining in the area).

Thank you so much for all of these recommendations, Niel! I’ve been blown away by the generosity of everyone’s time and favorite places to enjoy a bite to eat. I can’t thank you enough for the “world’s largest” recommendation! I’ll definitely make it a stop on my next Kansas road trip. Thanks again!

I recommend the Riverside Cafe! Great greasy spoon breakfast stop! Also loved The Hill and Wine Dive when I lived in Wichita.

I love a great diner! Thanks so much for the recommendation, Lisa!

I definitely don’t reccomend NuWay! You might not come back if you try it ? Cant say anything about Dog n Shake as I’ve never had it. TJs burger house is awesome!

Good to know! I love a good burger so TJs is definitely getting added to my list. Thanks for reading!

Living in Davenport,Iowa now and seeing your list. I makes me miss all the different types offered, from food trucks to new places like Norton’s , not tried it but remember him from River City Brewery. There good hole in the walls with great food. Any ideas about places in Davenport?

I have two more places to add on your next visit: Ziggy’s Pizza and Wichita Brewing Company. They’re both fantastic! Great write up about our city!

Thanks so much for your kind words, Kelly! I’ll definitely add these to my list of places to eat the next time I visit.

Des Moines resident, Wichita native chiming in to add my favorites when I’m there:
– Livingston’s for breakfast
– Felipe’s – the standard by which I judge all cheese enchiladas
– Freddy’s – it’s in Iowa now, but the OG is in Wichita
-Wichita Brewing Company – can’t go wrong with an “itis” style pizza!

And if you’re up for a drive – The Barn in Burton has gigantic and delicious chicken fried steak.

Glad my homeland treated you well!

Here in Wichita we have no shortage of good places to eat! In addition to your list, we have The Monarch, Yokohama, The Kitchen, Molinos, District Taqueria, Wichita Brewing Company, River City Brewing Company, The No Bake Cafe, and much more! #ICTFood

You’re so right! Wichita is full of delicious food. I’ll be adding all of these recommendations to my list for the next time I’m in town. Thank you!

Christopher T Allen

There’s a new German place called Prost I like, and TJ’s in Delano makes a very good burger.

Yum! Both of those sound great. Thanks so much for your recommendations!

B&C Creations at 3rd and Washington in Wichita should have made your list as a great lunch spot opened 11 to 2 Monday thru Friday has a Buffett that is FANTASTIC 9 different meats salad garlic cold slaw baked beans and includes your drink great price for a great meal not to mention the place is really clean and nice also great people. Go hungry
Wichita ks
355 north Washington
souththeast corner of 3rd and washington

Yum! This sounds incredible. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Noel!

I’m new to your site!! Awesome article! We enjoy a sandwich from Merle’s! Wonderful food, great service and cold beer! Come back and visit us soon!!

Thanks so much for your kind words, BethAnn! I’ll definitely add Merle’s to my list of places to visit. I can’t wait to visit Wichita again soon!

General Chicken at the Egg Roll King is the best ever.

Thanks so much for the recommendation, Rose!

I’m not sure which thing looked better…fries, donuts, ice cream, coffee, beer…there’s something of everything in Wichita!

There really is! I can’t wait to visit again and try even more. Thanks for reading, Katy!

We are coming to Wichita for women’s national bowling in June. Looking forward to trying some of these places! Please let me know of anymore gems hidden there!

Loved this article and I’m looking forward to checking a few I’ve never been to myself.
So glad you mentioned R Coffee House… it’s awesome!
Another place you might consider next time you come to town is Fizz Burgers and Bottles . Awesome burgers, fresh cut fries and the sweet potato fries with dipping sauces…..yummmm!!

Yum! If there are sweet potato fries, I’m always on board. I’ll definitely add Fizz Burgers and Bottles to my list of places to visit on my next trip to Wichita. Thanks so much for reading, Lisa!

So sorry that you missed “ Angelo’s“ a fabulous real! Italian Restaurant
Their pizza is like a local legend! It’s all so good and…so real!

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